Terms and Conditions

All tuning boxes supplied by William Logan Cars carry a 3 year warranty; this covers the unit against faults or defects. Any unit found faulty within the first 14 days of purchasing new, a replacement or full refund will be given.
Any suspected faulty units should be returned to William Logan Cars, with relevant leads, for testing.
Only if the unit is deemed un-repairable will a new box be issued.
Any units returned and found not to be faulty will be subject to a charge (usually £20) so the buyer should ensure all connections are correct and the vehicle is operating normally without the unit, before returning.
The tuning box warranty is void if the unit is found faulty due to water damage, incorrect installation (all non plug and drive boxes must be fitted by a fully qualified auto electrician), or damage either by unauthorised and/or over adjustment, or physical means (dropped etc).
All adjustments must be made by William Logan Cars or one of our approved dealers.

Whilst all tuning boxes supplied by William Logan Cars are of the highest quality and are all TUV tested and approved, we must add the disclaimer below:-

All tuning boxes are fitted at the buyers own risk and all adjustments must be made by William Logan Cars or one of our approved dealers.
As fitting instructions are supplied as a guide only, William Logan Cars will not be held responsible for damage during fitment. As above, all non plug and drive units must be professionally fitted by auto electrician and proof of fitment must be kept for future reference.
Only within the first 14 days will a full refund be given for a faulty unit, otherwise the unit will be repaired or replaced as set out in the Warranty conditions above. Strictly no refunds if the unit is no longer needed after purchase.
As with all tuning devices or methods, there is no guarantee that the increase in performance will not affect the longevity of the buyer’s engine/brakes/clutch etc. The buyer is solely responsible for vehicle condition, i.e. servicing etc.
Fitment of the tuning box, as with any tuning product will invalidate any remaining vehicle manufacturer’s warranty (once removed however, diagnostic equipment cannot detect the tuning box was ever there). Therefore the buyer is solely responsible for all warranty issues and costs from vehicle manufacturer.
The buyer is responsible for informing their insurance company of any modifications to their vehicle.
As with any tuning device, the limit of liability of William Logan Cars, in respect to any mechanical failure after fitting the tuning box, whether associated or not, shall be the purchase price of the tuning box (if faulty) only and no additional costs. The buyer therefore waives all liability claims. William Logan Cars disclaims any warranty and any liability for personal injury or damages. The buyer agrees to indemnify William Logan Cars and POWERKLICK and hold them harmless from any claim related to the tuning box purchase.
Fuel consumption is fully dependant on the buyer’s driving style, so an increase in economy cannot be guaranteed.
Bhp and Torque figures cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same as stated, but as all boxes are TUV tested, the figures will be similar.
Please be aware that there may be problems with vehicle’s fuel computer.
All tuning boxes are to be paid for in full before dispatch, title does not change until full payment is received.

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