How it works:
Diesel engines now have many sensors which are controlled by the ECU (electronic control unit). These signals are then processed thousands of times each second to ensure the vehicle is running at its optimum level thus keeping the emissions and economy to legal and acceptable levels.
The idea behind the tuning module is to intercept the ECU and the diesel injection system, usually the common rail and allows it to change the air/fuel ratio to the cylinders, producing more torque and an increase in BHP. The knock on effect of this is an improvement in fuel economy as because the engine is running more efficiently so less acceleration is required for similar driving conditions.
Manufacturers do not make these changes to allow them to have different engine options for each model and engine size without the need for expensive engine development, as the engines are all built to same standards just having differing software installed on the ECU, governing the power output.
Latest Digital Technology.
The latest CRD and PD modules from POWERKLICK now boast among the most up to date digital technology currently available in diesel tuning.
Each module contains up to eight custom setting which are selected depending on the driver requirements, all made possible by using the latest, most up to date, high performance processors, allowing each vehicle to adapt to the new data perfectly after a very short run-in period (normally 10-15 minutes considerate driving), without the need for manual adjustments.

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