POWERKLICK is one of the fastest growing products in one of the fastest growing sectors of the motor accessory trade in the world, Diesel Tuning Modules.
It is William Logan Car’s aim to make Ireland one of POWERKLICK’s most successful markets.

We acknowledge that this will only be possible through a dealer network which is committed to the POWERKLICK brand, knowledgeable about POWERKLICK products, and underpinned by ourselves– William Logan Cars and by POWERKLICK themselves.
It is therefore our prime objective to recruit dealers who are enthusiastic about diesel tuning and the business opportunities such simple, quality products can produce to help the POWERKLICK brand thrive throughout Ireland.

Together we will have some of the best and best selling Diesel Tuning Modules being produced.

This plus the promise of constant product development, ground breaking engineering technology and exciting new products will make POWERKLICK a world-beating brand.

We look forward to sharing this with you.

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