An Introduction:
POWERKLICK Diesel Tuning Modules are an effective, inexpensive solution to improving the performance of any diesel, whether it be a car, van, truck, tractor, or even boat. 90 % of the modules are plug and drive so most are ready to go in minutes (19 modules for over 1850 vehicles).
The History:
Diesel Tuning Modules first appeared in 1992 in Spain, then Germany with old analogue boxes, these were bulky and unreliable.
The modules changed over the years with progression Common Rail (CR) and Pump Deuse (PD) modules. The first of which were either too complicated and expensive (PD) or just a basic resistor in a casing (CR). These ‘cheaper’ (CR) modules are still available from some manufacturers.
POWERKLICK was started in 2003 licensed to Kauffmann Motorenteille AG (est 1982) in Zurich, Switzerland and are now sold in more than 1350 outlets across Switzerland.
In 2004 POWERKLICK was being exported to 19 countries across the world and is now widely regarded as being among the best diesel tuning module on the market today incorporating Swiss precision engineering and fantastic value for money.
The majority of POWERKLICK modules available now are fully digital and plug and drive, with fitting in under 30 minutes (mostly under 10 minutes), using all original equipment (OE) plugs. Also each box come with full TUV approval and are CE marked, giving the customer confidence that the products have been rigorously tested by an independent body.
Major Benefits:
(1) 20-25% increase in BHP.
30-35% increase in Torque.
Up to 15% increase in MPG.
(2) 90% of modules are fully plug and drive.
Full TUV approval.
CE Marked

Tel/Fax: 028 9335 2066

Mobile N.I. Tel: 07857080113
R.O.I. Tel: 0044 7857080113

All benefits are manufacturers official figures.
Increase in MPG is dependant on driving style.

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