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Automec’s Silicone Brake Fluid repels moisture so, unlike standard polyglycol brake fluid, it never needs changing. Rust and corrosion are inhibited because moisture is kept out of the system and the high boiling point of 260 degrees C is maintained throughout the life of the product therefore ensuring consistent, safe performance. In addition, unlike glycol, silicone will not catch fire easily and will not damage your paintwork should any accidental spillage occur.

This brake fluid is ideal for older vehicles,especially classic & vintage cars that are not being used frequently,as this product helps to prevent brake cylinders/wheel cylinders etc from "siezing up" from lack of use.

Available in 1/2 litre and 1 litre sizes  - AT VERY SPECIAL PRICES !! 

1/2 Ltr Normal Price £27  - OUR PRICE £22.00,   1 Ltr Normal Price £48.00 - OUR PRICE £40.00

Price: 27.00 22.00

Product Code: AUTA23
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